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Pharmacology: Allergic Reactions And Corticosteroids (Coursework Sample)


Discussion: Off-Label Drug Use in Pediatrics
The unapproved use of approved drugs, also called off-label use, with children is quite common. This is because pediatric dosage guidelines are typically unavailable since very few drugs have been specifically researched and tested with children.
When treating children, prescribers often adjust dosages approved for adults to accommodate a child’s weight. However, children are not just “smaller” adults. Adults and children process and respond to drugs differently in their absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Children even respond differently during stages from infancy to adolescence. This poses potential safety concerns when prescribing drugs to pediatric patients. As an advanced practice nurse, you have to be aware of safety implications of the off-label use of drugs with this patient group.
To prepare:
Review the Panther et al (2017) and Corney, Lebel, Bailey, and Bussieres (2015) articles in the Learning Resources. Reflect on situations in which children should be prescribed drugs for off-label use.
Think about strategies to make the off-label use and dosage of drugs safer for children from infancy to adolescence. Consider specific off-label drugs that you think require extra care and attention when used in pediatrics.
With these thoughts in mind:
By Day 3
Post an explanation of circumstances under which children should be prescribed drugs for off-label use. Then, describe strategies to make the off-label use and dosage of drugs safer for children from infancy to adolescence. Include descriptions and names of off-label drugs that require extra care and attention when used in pediatrics




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According to CITATION Sha17 \l 1033 (Panther, Knotts, & Odom-Maryon, 2017), allergic reactions among the young children necessitate the use of off label drugs. Some of these conditions include asthma, which requires the administration of corticosteroids. The corticosteroids that are administered to patients are available in the form of inhalants. This is due to the fact that little research has been conducted on the use of such drugs when treating patients with allergic conditions. Furthermore, allergic conditions present themselves in various forms among people. This creates a challenge for the researchers when developing the prescribed drugs for the patients in terms of the age groups.
Research by CITATION Sha17 \l 1033 (Panther, Knotts, & Odom-Maryon, 2017) also indicates that lack of labeling instructions creates the need to use off label drugs in children. According to the Food and Drug Administration organization, it is a requirement that all the drugs be labeled with the correct instructions, in regards to the relevant age groups that they are to be administered to. Once a child is diagnosed with a condit

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