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Patient Safety Culture And Health Care Ethic (Coursework Sample)


Patient Safety Culture and Health Care Ethics
Go to the Ashford University Library on the left menu panel of the online classroom. Search and select two scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles within the scope of patient safety culture and/or health care ethics.
After reading both articles and reviewing “Steps to Writing a Summary”, summarize each article in one to two pages.
Your paper must be two to four pages in length, with one to two pages for each article, excluding title page and reference pages. Your paper must be formatted according to the guidelines as stated in the Ashford Writing Center. Utilize two scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles that were published within the last five years. Document all references in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center APA Checklist.


Patient Safety Culture and Health Care Ethics
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Patient safety refers to measures taken by health care organizations to reduce and alleviate unsafe acts. Health care ethics, alternatively knows as medical ethics, is the implementation of the key components of bioethics including justice, benevolence, autonomy, and non-malfeasance to health care decisions. For high-quality care, members of entire health care organizations must uphold patient safety as well as health care ethics. Entailed in this paper is a summary of two articles whose focus is on programs that were established to enhance patient safety and how the nurses deal with ethical issues.
The first article is Improving Patient Safety Culture in Primary Care: A Systematics Review written by Natasha J. Verbakel, Maaike Langelaan, Theo J. M. Verheij, Cordula Wagner, PhD, and Dorien L. M. Zwart. As defined by the authors, patient safety culture refers to shared attitudes, values, and behavior of staff in medical organizations. To determine which interventions were effective in promoting patient safety, the authors performed searches in EMBASE, PubMed, PsychINFO, and CINAHL (Verbakel et al., 2016). 214 articles were yielded from the search and two were found to be eligible for inclusion. One study stated that the implementation of electronic medical record systems is the best practice to improve patient safety. The second study concluded that risk management was the best practice to improve patient safety (Verbakel et al., 2016).
These studies pro

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