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Nursing Informatics: Background, Quality, Organizational Impacts (Coursework Sample)


My topic for my paper is on the Electronic health record and at least 8 peer reviewed articles as references is needed. It has to be between 8-10 pages.


Nursing Informatics
Nursing Informatics
The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society describes nursing informatics as “a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice” (Lambooij & Hummel, 2013, p.3). The application of informatics is on the rise within the nursing profession because of the prompt changes in the technological improvements. Health care systems are continuously integrating technology into their day-to-day practice at a high rate. There is need to uphold safe keeping as well as maintaining patient privacy in order to attain the objective of converting data into meaningful knowledge. The integration of informatics together with the implementation of evidence-based practice has the potential to enhance the quality of care given to patients. Nursing informatics is among the developing specialties that are applicable in the nursing practice (Jones, Rudin, Perry, & Shekelle, 2014). The practice of nursing is evolving and the demands for health care services from nurses are increasing. As a result, proficiency in the field of nursing informatics may possibly reinforce the skills for making the best clinical options. Despite the fact that the application of new technology may be challenging for a number of professionals, nursing informatics improves their overall practice. This is because it enables nursing staff to access patient data faster, advance the overall effectiveness and reduce the probability of medical errors (Bowman, 2013). As the nursing profession evolves over time, nursing informatics has the likelihood to modify and improve the practice. This is not only for the nursing personnel but also for the patients. Accordingly, this paper seeks to provide a discussion on the electronic health record technology for health care delivery.
The electronic health record innovative new technology is a strategy to arrange the information of patients, making it useful in the specialty of information technology. The purpose of the new technology is to meet the diverse requirements for data not only for the providers of medical care as well as patients but also for other interested parties. The application of electronic health records in health care systems is may appear complex since it encompasses several considerations. As of now, the use of electronic health records is by approximately 12% medical practitioners and 11% health care facilities countrywide (Bowman, 2013). There has been much support from industries and the state on the use of electronic health record as a way to manage expenses and improve the quality of care provided to patients.
The electronic health record is a digital register that contains the medical information produced by one or more visits in an arrangement for the conveyance of care (Bowman, 2013). It has the data of a patient, which is inclusive of health care issues, previous medical background, radiology reports, vital symptoms, laboratory results, prescriptions, and demographics. The electronic health record was among the key agendas of president Obama and a venture that would make sure that in the future years all of the health registers in the United States would be electronic. Currently, with the development of globalization, the electronic health record technology has the potential to improve within the next five years. This is because of the government is working with health care organizations to ensure that there is adequate support for the implementation of the innovative electronic health record technology (Hessels, Flynn, Cimiotti, Bakken, & Gershon, 2015).
Regardless of the huge expenditures in the healthcar...

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