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Nursing: Healthcare Operation Management (Coursework Sample)


1. Choose at least one sequencing rule that you feel would work best when looking at issues as it relates to patient throughput in a department and explain why.
First come, first served (FCFS)
Jobs are sequenced in the same order in which they arrive.
Shortest processing time (SPT)
The job that takes the least amount of time to complete is first, followed by the job that takes the next least amount time, and so on.
Earliest due date (EDD)
The job with the earliest due date is first, followed by the job with the next earliest due date, and so on.
Slack time remaining
The job with the least amount of slack time (time until due date or processing time) is first, followed by the job with the next least amount of slack time, and so on.
Critical ratio
The job with the smallest critical ratio (time until due date or processing time) if first, followed by the job with the next smallest critical ratio, and so on.
2. Identify and discuss a department/facility that would benefit from using Advanced Access Scheduling and why.


Question 1
Scheduling is an important part of nursing or clinical operations, as it ensures that there is optimization. Optimization of tasks simply aims at establishing efficiency in the management of tasks. The earliest due date, EDD, is by far the most preferable sequencing or scheduling method. In this method, jobs with the earliest due dates come first, followed by those with subsequent earliest due dates, in that order. Given a particular workstation, or for a department that works on a singular task module, the EDD method cuts down on the tasks that run the risk of lateness. The method works to minimize or lower the maximum of the past due hours assigned for any task thereof (Yang & Hsieh, 2014).It is also the best method when it comes to achieving the due dates, wh

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