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HealthCare Delivery in U.S: Course work (Coursework Sample)

Each answer should be no more than the equivalent of one-half page with the total exam no more than 3 pages (references and tables are not necessary but if used, may be on an additional page). Answers may be double , using APA references, quotation, and formatting. Please be careful to use quotes or italics and to site references when you use information from another source. See Syllabus for grading criteria. 1. The geographic maldistribution of physicians is a global issue and a domestic issue, as described in Chapter 4 of the text. The Kaiser Family Foundation website illustrates this by comparing the number of physicians and other health care professionals by state (found at http://www(dot)statehealthfacts(dot)org/comparecat.jsp?cat=8). What are the characteristics of the maldistribution of the physician labor force in the United States? Why? 2. Health technology is a current health care issue, relating to the third course objective for this class. Starting on page 171 of Chapter 5 of the text, through the end of the chapter the impact of new technologies on both health care costs and quality are discussed. Please discuss one reason why new health technologies may increase the quality of care but also increase health care costs. 3. Part of the discussion around health care reform has been the central role of primary health care in our health care system. Chapter 7 in the text stresses the importance of primary health care. Please discuss why primary health care so important in health care delivery and to improving health status within a community? 4. Identify and describe three ways that government regulates the cost, quality and access of health care delivery (one each). How do these three components interact in the US health care system? 5. The future of health services delivery is uncertain, particularly in our current climate of reform. Aside from addressing the problems of the uninsured, what is one other pressing issue that requires attention? source..
HealthCare Delivery in U.S: Course work
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Question 1
The geographic maldistribution of health practitioners and in particular, their concentration in urban regions has subsequently led to shortage of physicians in rural areas. The issue has been significant in the political and welfare aspects not only in United States but also in other states around the world. Much of the physician distribution in United States has been greatly influenced by political, economic and social factors. Other factors include the background of the physician and the level of income in each particular place. While there are physicians who would like to work near places they accustomed to, there are those who would go to places that have higher remunerations. Cullison et al (2009) explains that physician factors such as the specialty of the physician, gender and the physician’s experience influences their preferences in practicing their profession in specific areas. The author points out that being male or an individual’s experience as well as having a primary care specialty contributed greatly to the willingness of the physician to practice in other regions other than in urban areas.
The increasing cost of health and affordable insurance coverage are crucial issues that have faced employers, purchasers, politicians, health care providers and the live of citizens in America. Although the medical technology has significantly improved the quality of health care delivery, It has been the main driving force for increased cost of medical services. Advances in technology have apparently brought with it breakthroughs in improved care and live saving; however; these have been accompanied with significant cost increments. For instance, various medical procedures are revolutionizing the treatment programs for heart diseases. Consequently, many of the cardiac procedures are now, not necessarily done in ...
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