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Crescendo Analysis & Trial theses Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Part One: Crescendo Analysis (http://www(dot)nicholasleither(dot)com/lab/gatsby-crescendo)
Using Eating Animals, "Consider the Lobster," Cowspiracy (Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. This is a documentary film available on Netflix to stream or Amazon Prime), construct a crescendo analysis about a topic in which you are interested in pursuing for Essay. This essay will include some secondary research, so keep that in mind as you work on this.
Things to keep in mind:
1. This essay will include some secondary research.
2. This essay asks you to perform some kind of research experiment (this is not the same as your writing style experiment). For example, you might change something in your diet for a period of time in order to gather data and observations (giving up sugar, meat, animal products). You might decide to cook your own meals several times a week in the community kitchen to observe how this affects your time, engagement in food, finances... You might decide to workout for two weeks and drink a protein shake every day. You might decide to give up your protein shake after your workout and eat whole foods instead. You might try one of these fad diets. You might set up a taste test with participants... Think about how Morgan Spurlock used an experiment in Supersize Me (eating at McDonald's for 30 days) to prove a point and support an argument. Note: I am not encouraging you to take risks with your health! In fact, considering the pandemic, this might be a great time to do something good for your health!
Part Two: Trial theses
Using your Crescendo Analysis, formulate one or two trial theses (sometimes it's helpful to create more than one in order to compare them or eventually combine parts of them. Up to you.). If you create two, feel free to submit both to the discussion. As you work on these, remember these guidelines:
1. Your thesis must involve the course theme: food, self, & culture.
2. Use the class content. There is no reason to start from scratch, and choose a topic you have no base of knowledge to draw on. You want to be able to use sources like Foer, Cowspiracy, David Foster Wallace... as research, right?
3. You will be doing a small, focused amount of secondary research and some primary research, which includes some kind of personal experiment (see the description above under Tuesday's guidelines).
4. Question your qualifications. Is this within your scope? How can you narrow it and focus it to be manageable and convincing?


Crescendo Analysis & Trial Theses
Name Course Instructor Date
Part One: Crescendo Analysis
Eating is a verb that indicates ingesting food and swallowing. Eating is associated with food and diets, and eating to eta good food means eating what is right for some. Unhealthy eating means that one eats food that may damage their health. I will consider changing my eating habits by consuming less processed meat, including sausages.
Wallace looks into the history of eating lobsters and the ethics of cooking them alive and questions whether in future people will look at current “eating practices” differently.
practices. “Is it not possible that future generations will regard our own present agribusiness and eating practices in much the same way we now view Nero’s entertainments or Aztec sacrifices?” (Wallace, 2004, p. 64). “And when the expiration date passed, we threw it away without smelling it. Eating was carefree” (Foer, p. 10, 2020).Quotation
Wallace talks about “eating practices” the sentence is the last page of the article and highlights Wallace’s apprehension about eating lobsters that are boiled alive. (Foer (2010) states that when he was younger “Eating was carefree”, as they did not care about the food’s shelf life.

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