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Childhood Education (Coursework Sample)

Discuss how early childhood education has evolved and its impact on cognitive development in early childhood. ***Do not use any sources. Should be a custom response to the question. source..
Running Head: Childhood Education
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Under early childhood education, various changes have been seen over the past years. This evolution has encouraged the understanding and improvement of the human condition in regard to the diversified vital issues in society. This impact has been felt in the cognitive development of child’s education.
In the initial stage of cognitive development, that is, the pre-operational stage, the child playfulness is manifested by intense fantasy and concrete thinking. The child plays include more scenarios and characters and can indulge in complex games. The second stage of symbolic function has experienced a dramatic change where children minds develops and they are more of egocentric in nature. Their main focus is not to understand the cause or effect of their actions on
other individuals but only themselves.
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