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Caring Concepts in Nursing Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


instructions attached. one scholarly source to be used


Caring Concepts in Nursing

This week's topic is centered on the concept of caring in contemporary nursing practice. In your initial response, provide a definition of caring that aligns with your perspective on the concept of caring. Identify your selected program of study specialty track (Executive, Education, Healthcare Policy, or Nursing Informatics). Describe how you will apply the principles of caring and holistic nursing in your future professional practice. Use at least one outside scholarly article to support your position. Provide an example to illustrate an application to professional practice.



My selected program of study is Executive.



Caring Concepts in Nursing
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In nursing, it is important to apply one’s skills to be able to provide the patient’s high-quality care. One of the primary features of high-quality care is the concept of caring. In contemporary nursing, caring can simply be defined as being with people's feelings. This means being attuned, connected, and responsive to the needs of both the recipients of care, which includes the patients and the people they're with, as well as the care providers. Tang et al (2018) indicated that the scope of caring can be described in four Es, namely engaging in reciprocal relationships, embracing the essence of caring, engendering instances of caring, and embodying caring in practice. In future practice, when providing for the care recipients, showing care is more than the qua

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