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Application of AACN (2006) DNP Essentials V-VIII to CSP (Coursework Sample)


Scholarly Clinical Project (CSP): Using CBT to lower PHQ-9 scores in adult females with depression
ACADEMIC PAPER: Application of AACN (2006) DNP
Essentials V-VIII to your CSP and future practice as a DNP-prepared APRN


Application of AACN (2006) DNP Essentials V-VIII to your CSP and future practice
Using CBT to lower PHQ-9 in adult females diagnosed with depression
Khadija Hamisi
Brandman University
Essentials V: Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care
Supporting patient advocacy for depressed patients is necessary to improve current guidelines on depression as best practices are integrated in healthcare intervention. Identifying risks and implementing prevention strategies is effective in integrating policy recommendations that improve patient outcomes. Since policies affecting mental health care include treating and caring for patients with depression then patient advocacy can highlight instances when there is a need for changes in policy. Additionally, patient advocacy extends to protecting the rights of patients when delivering mental health care and the DNP program integrates Essential V to support the role of DNP prepared graduates to influence and lead changes in creating, designing and implementing health policies.
Patient advocacy influence health policies and as the CSP used scientific evidence to assess how therapeutic interventions affect patient outcomes for women. There are health disparities that affect the ability of mental health practitioners to provide adequate care to patients. As Essential V highlights the need for the DNP to be involved in policy development as this allows them to address the patient needs and that of professionals (AACN, 2006). Meeting the mental health care needs of the patients with depression is associated with the health outcomes. The DNP Essential is associated with addressing the quality of care since policy changes and patient advocacy affect health care.
I will be an advocate for better mental health care services to influence how the healthcare system operate, by engaging with stakeholders including legislators and other policy makers to influence changes. The case for this is that healthcare policy affects the practice environment, patient quality and patient safety (AACN, 2006). It is the political process that determines the health issues that are prioritized, and participating in the process helps in addressing the patents needs for the vulnerable population to promote health care. When the regulatory authorities and financing policies focus on nursing practice, this will influence health priorities including better finance of mental health care.
Essential VI: Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population
Health Outcomes
Evidence-based care management is associated with better patient outcomes as interventions are implemented depending on scientific evidence available (Brown & Crabtree, 2013). In interprofessional collaboration the health practitioners work in multidisciplinary teams working close together to coordinate care and share decision making. Even as there is evidence on the effectiveness of interventions it is through collaboration that health practitioners with different skills and experiences that this improves health outcomes as they have expert skills and there is synergy. There is a link between mental wellbeing and physical health and failure to address depressive symptoms is associated with deteriorating health outcomes and their physical health needs are likely to be neglected.
Interprofessional collaboration is necessary to integrate knowledge and skills to meet the patient health care needs while the health practitioners communicate on issues affecting the patient health status (Brown & Crabtree, 2013). Screening for depression and evaluating the different therapeutic strategies that manage the condition are to be considered when there is a multidisciplinary team, as the members can contribute to highlight the prevention strategies that are most feasible and effective...
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