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Safety Goals (Coursework Sample)

1. Go to http://www(dot)jointcommission(dot)org/PatientSafety/NationalPatientSafetyGoals and review the website. What are the major issues related to the National Patient Safety Goals? Choose one area that applies to your practice or area of interest, and describe how EBP could help you meet the goals for patient safety. 2. Perform a Web search and find a reliable source of information that allows you to discuss the following questions: What role does leadership play in improving care? How does this relate to nursing as a profession as well as to an individual nurse? How are nurses prepared to be leaders? How does the nurse utilize clinical judgment in providing patient-centered care? Please provide the title of the document you found and include the URL. Please use one reference for each question. source..
National Patient Safety Goals Name Course Lecturer Date Major issues related to the National Patient Safety Goals Health institutions have developed another perspective of taking care to the patient safety. National patient safety goals were introduced in 2002, where they were developed to aid recognized organizations address specific patient safety issues. These goals are updated as time goes and areas like improving the accuracy of patient identification, improving safety of using medication are some of the updated issues but the question on what are the major issues related to the National Patient Safety Goals remains the key factor on this. The establishment of National Patient Safety Goals took place in 2002 where their main objective was to come up with a way of addressing specific areas of concern in regards to patient safety. The very first thing that was done by the NPSGs was to come up with patient safety advisory groups. In this case, the group comprised of recognized patients who are safety experts like nurses, pharmacists, risk managers, clinical engineers among other professionals with hands-on experience in addressing patient safety issues in wide variety of health care setting. The other key aspect is advising the joint commission on how to address emerging patient safety issues in NPSGs. In this case, the Sentinel Event Alerts, standards and survey process, performance measures as well as educational materials are the centre for transforming health projects. The approval of the joint commission for 2012 is also a major goal among focus on catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI), Appl...
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