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Article Review: Rice is Rice, Right? By Larwa, talks about (Coursework Sample)


Article Review: Rice is Rice, Right? By Larwa, talks about


Articles Review
The recognition and understanding that science is an important domain in early years of a child are growing. There is also recognition that children have the power to learn and think in their early years of growing. Introduction of science at an early not only builds a scientific future for these children but also equip them with necessary attitude and skills of learning. Early learning of science is essential, and it has to be done in a more practical and enjoyable manner that children can understand. This paper reviews four articles that will be named accordingly in relation to children learning science at an early age. It will also try to find the connection among the four articles.
The article, Plants, Alike or Different: Laying the foundation to help preschoolers understand inheritance of traits by Trundle, Mollohan & Smith identifies the best method that can enhance science learning for preschoolers. The article is based on the fact that children at an early age tend to be very curious at almost everything; things adults would easily ignore. Children would observe, and try to establish similarities and differences among animals for instance pets, insects for instance ants and among the humans. Among the humans, they would easily establish the similarities and differences regarding the phenotype. The authors recognize that this curiosity when tapped at an early age it can be transformed into something marvelous later in future. They provide methods of tapping the curiosity and enhance learning through four phases; play, explore, discuss and then assessment.
In the phase of the play children will be engaged to notice, question and then wonder about plants. The play is essential as children as learning would be enjoyable. The exploration phase would engage children in predicting, observing and then recording data thus enhancing their writing and observational skills. In the Discussion phase, children, will be required to share data, reflect on it, construct ideas and explanations and then draw conclusions. This improves their thinking abilities. Assessment phase is the instructor, and it occurs throughout the learning process. It evaluates the understanding abilities of the children. The process is quite insightful and may be very successful in improving the learning abilities of children. However, the authors fail to provide the expected outcome of the learning process.
Rice is Rice, Right? By Larwa, talks about

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