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Video Response Paper on the YouTube video of Dave Pelzer on Larry King" (Coursework Sample)


Early Childhood Education
Topic: Child sexual abuse: Video Response Paper
You are going to view a YouTube video titled “Dave Pelzer on Larry King” and then write a response paper based on the YouTube video.
Step #1: First, view the YouTube video called “Dave Pelzer on Larry King”.
The link to the YouTube video is here below:
Step #2: Now, write a two page response paper that addresses the most important issues, concepts, and ideas, with a minimum of 3 educational citations.. For example, here is a guide as to how I want you write your response paper:
Your paper should include the following below:
A Title Page
An Introduction paragraph: write an introduction and be sure to provide an overview of what the video was about.
Next, in a separate paragraph write about interesting facts and what you learned from the video and be sure to give specific examples.
Then, in another paragraph discuss the implications of child abuse and impact on early childhood education
Now, in another paragraph discuss advocacy and change to support children and families in trauma. For example, examine the strategies one can use to provide advocacy and change to support children and families who have experienced trauma.
Next, mention a non-profit organization in the United States or government agency in the United States preferably in the State of California that works with and advocates for child abuse victims. Be sure to write the Nonprofit Organization’s Name, the Director's or Administrator's Name, mention their the organization’s website if they have one, mention the organization’s email Address, and the organization’s Phone Number:
Finally, write a conclusion paragraph where you restate your findings on the implications of child abuse on early childhood education and the strategies one can use to provide advocacy and change to support children and families who have experienced trauma. Reflect on what you learned.
Note #1: Make sure to have a reference page with a minimum of 3 APA references. Lastly, your page count does not include the title page or reference page.
Note #2: Make sure to connect your video response paper to articles that are related to the topic.
For example, you could mention the article of Gone Girls: Human Trafficking on the Home Front. The website link to that article is https://www(dot)lamag(dot)com/longform/gone-girls/
In addition, you could mention this article titled “Stop it now! Warning Signs in Children and Adolescents of Possible Child Sexual Abuse”. The website link to the article named above is: https://www(dot)stopitnow(dot)org/ohc-content/warning-signs-possible-abuse
Also, you could mention this article titled “The National Center for Victims of Crime. (2012). Child Sexual Abuse Statistics”. The website link to the article above is: https://victimsofcrime(dot)org/child-sexual-abuse-statistics/
Finally, you could mention Dave Pelzer's book called “A Child Called It: One Child’s Courage to Survive”
---------------------- - -- - -- -- -- -
Response Paper Requirements:
• Your Video Response Paper must be at least 2 full pages in length
• Must be Double-spaced
• Must be in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1-inch margins all around
• Must be in APA 7 Format
* Have no less than three different educational APA citations properly cited throughout your paper.
*The YouTube video must be one of your references. Meanwhile, I already mentioned three different articles and Dave Pelzer's book that you could use to support what you write about in your video response paper. Therefore, you have five references to choose from. Feel free to include any other references that are related to the topic and supports your paper but make sure to cited them properly in APA 7 format both in your paper and in the reference page.
• Must have a reference page.


Early Childhood Education
Students’ Name:
University Affiliation:
Date of Submission:
Early Childhood Education
The video illustrates the conversation between Larry King and the main character, Dave Pelzer, who was raised in a harsh childhood by an alcoholic mother. He was raised alongside his two brothers, who fueled his troublesome life experiences, such as being forced to live in the basement while starving for about 14 days. His drunken mother subjected him to physical and psychological torture, such as being beaten, burned, and forced to drink ammonia. Dave notes that everything in their homestead was okay, including her loving mother. At around four years old, everything changed; his mother drove into heavy drinking and sunk into depression (Vianita Rosari, Thoyibi & Candraningrum, 2017). He narrates how his mom burned his arm on a gas stove and later asked him to lie on the burning stove. 

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