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Importance of Storybook Reading to Preschoolers (Coursework Sample)


Read Pages 41-51 of your text. Chapter 3 of the text explains how reading story books to preschoolers helps in many ways. What are the 5 goals for story reading? Write a 4-5 page paper describing the 5 goals of story reading. Also include your personal thoughts/experience or give an example of each goal. ( btw i have 2 little boys they are 7 and 4 years old and I am a mom )
TEXT: Schickedanz, J. A., & Collins, M. F. (2013). So Much More than the ABCs: The Early Phases of Reading and Writing. Washington, DC: National Association of Education of Young Children.
ISBN: 978-1-928896-88-3
*It can be purchased at www(dot)naeyc(dot)org, or any other bookseller. Click picture of book to purchase.


Importance of Storybook Reading to Preschoolers
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Importance of Storybook Reading to Preschoolers
Stories play a critical role in the growth and development of preschoolers. The stories they read plus their characters turn out to be their friends, and it is good that they are provided with good story books with good model characters. It is also worth noting that books are a useful source of information to children and those good reading skills, creativity, curiosity and higher cognitive developments are a product of storybook reading among the children in their younger developmental stages. Storybook reading among the young age children helps in developing confidence amongst them, language learning and coping with personal feelings leading to future great leaders or professionals in various fields. Therefore, storybook reading to preschoolers is vital as it helps to attain five essential goals, which include; building the community, enhancing understanding of other people, building knowledge and model strategies for regulating them, supporting their language development and acquiring general knowledge.
First, storybook reading is often used as a tool to bond the close relationship between the young and the adults in a bid to build harmony on the community. Adults takes the opportunity of reading stories to children to build a close relationship. Since stories involve feelings, thoughts and emotions, it helps to encourage and advise the children on ways cope up with their feelings. As they read about stories that contain children as characters and who exhibit their feelings in the story, the children get to understand and accept their own feelings. They get to learn that there are other children whom they share the same feelings and that they are not alone so that they do not try to feel extraordinary and the odd one out. The child learns that feelings are normal and should be expressed removing the act of signees among the children or intolerable behaviors. Thus, through storybook reading, children become loving and understanding to bond with peers and adults to build the community.
Second, reading stories to preschoolers supports their understanding of other people. Children's stories are always coined to build kids characters in terms of thinking, feelings, goals, motivation and behaviors. When children's characters are natured, they tend to exhibit behaviors that reflects their mental states in respect to mental states of people around them. By mastering their judgment and perception,

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