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Homeschooling Compared To Traditional School (Coursework Sample)


The literature review builds on the annotated bibliography. For the topic you chose for your annotated bibliography in Module 2, complete the following:
Go through your annotated bibliography.
Based on the information presented in your annotated bibliography sources (and others if needed), define a problem statement that, in your opinion, would be useful and practical for you to investigate.
Organize your sources by sorting and classifying their findings in a meaningful way, always considering your original topic and problem.
Write a literature review that would seem to offer the greatest potential for developing a good theoretical framework, using seven to ten references. All of these can be from your annotated bibliography, or you can use others in addition to those in your annotated bibliography.
Develop the theoretical framework incorporating its basic functions as discussed in the text.
Generate a set of testable hypotheses based on your research question and the theoretical framework.
Your report must contain the sections outlined below. APA formatting standards must be followed throughout. The paper does not have to be lengthy; perhaps 750 to 1500 words. The introduction, research question, and hypothesis statement sections should be short and succinct. Most of the word count in your report will be in the literature review and theoretical framework sections.
In this section, give a clear and concise statement of the problem. Briefly indicate why it is a problem, why you selected it, and why it is important to solve the problem. Use references as necessary to support your arguments.
Literature Review

This should be one of the longer sections in your report. It should summarize other work related to the problem you identified. It should identify important variables and document significant findings from earlier research.
Research Question
This should be a brief section with a clear and concise statement of your question. It should be clear to the reader that your question is a logical outgrowth of previous research as summarized in your literature review.


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7th April 2018
Homeschooling Compared to Traditional School
1.0 Introduction
The problem is that though the dynamics of the modern life are driving people towards home-based schooling, there is still a challenge as many face a choice dilemma due to lack of comparative literature on homeschooling and traditional schooling. The comparative analysis between the traditional and homeschooling models is important because it will help augment the existing research literature on the topic as there is a dearth of literature on the subject. Secondly, it will help bridge the existing research gap on the subject. Last and most importantly, it will serve as an informational platform from which people can base their schooling model choice. Solving the current dilemma on whether to opt for homeschooling or traditional schooling will be essential as it will ease the decision-making process for those who would like to understand the existing difference between these two schooling models.
2.0 Literature Review
Current literature from numerous studies has focused on traditional and homeschooling in an attempt to compare the two models. Still more studies shave attempted to determine the academic achievement associated with homeschooling (Ray, 2013). These studies have largely indicated that homeschooled students showed consistently higher performance in test scores, falling within the 65th-80th percentile range especially based on standardized tests in both the United States and Canada (Martin-Chang, Gould & Meuse, 2011). Similarly, Ray (2010) conducted a national study using a representative sample of 11, 739 homeschooled students drawn from various test centers across the United States. The result obtained while comparing the findings from two similar studies indicated consistently high scores for homeschooled students as compared to their institutional counterparts. Using a mean z score, Ray (2010) established that homeschooled students fell within a higher percentile range, surpassing the global percentile mean score for traditional schooling. The study result showed that homeschooled students consistently scored above the 84th percentile. Although there has been contention with regards to the representativeness of the samples used, evidence from other studies still suggests that homeschooled students outperform their traditionally schooled counterparts based on the percentile scores. Houston and Toma (2003) conducted a study on the efficacy of homeschooling model using a representative sample derived from the United States that regulates evaluation of homeschooled students whose findings were consistent with the results of other similar studies. Furthermore, the finding of an Oregon study supported other prior findings, indicating that homeschooled students scored above the national and global mean score. Although various scholars have explored the methodology related constraints of homeschooling, (Cervone, 2017; Houston and Toma , 2003; Martin-Chang, Gould & Meuse, 2011,;Ray, 2013) most of the researchers have argued that this studies have tended to overemphasize on what homeschooling cannot achieve and thus falls short of providing a rational comparison between traditional schooling

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