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Case Study Response 4 Education Coursework Essay Paper (Coursework Sample)


Early Childhood Education Prompt:
Step #1: Read the Case Study below:
Case Study #4
Jon is a four-year-old boy, bilingual (Armenian and American), 3 1/2 ft. tall, 55 pounds. He is considered obese. Jon presents with some social emotional issues likely related to the grandmother’s hovering and overprotective ways. Sasha (grandmother) tells Jon not to run, shuns him from getting dirty or wet at the water table when present, she wipes his face for him often, hand-feeds him food, injects herself into social situation with the other children during pickup times, and is the primary caretaker while the parents work. The parents Emily and Dr. John, work long hours but also rely heavily on Sasha to care for their son while they take frequent vacations and long outings.
Jons’ teacher recognizes that Sasha is the doting grandmother and talks with her and finds out that she fled her country to avoid war with her children in her arms as babies. She has been in America for 30 plus years and has a thick accent, and she speaks 4 languages. When Sasha leaves the school, Jon begins to scream and also tries to bargain with the teachers to leave the school. It is obvious he suffers from separation anxiety. Sasha is seen sitting in her car for hours waiting to return for her grandson. She lives 20 minutes from the school.
Step #2: Now that ypu have read the case study answer the following questions...
Question #1: How do you feel about Jon’s parent’s involvement in raising their son?
Question #2: What do you think might have been the scenario if the parents had been more or less involved in Jon’s raising?
Coursework Assignment Guidelines:
* Must be in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.
* Must be in APA Format.
* Must be at least 275 words.
* Write your responses in seperate paragraphs.
* For references you could use your two textbooks of "Early childhood Education Today" by George Morrison. ISBN: 9780134520841
and or
"Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8" by Sue Bredekamp and Carol Copple. ISBN: 978-1928896647
Notes to the Essay writer:
* I uploaded the previous 2 case study responses you wrote just in case it helps the response for this case study
Thank you again for your time.


Case Study Response 4
Jon's parents work long hours thus do not find time to interact and socialize with their son. Their choice of taking vacations without him also raises questions on whether they are interested in spending time with Jon. Sasha plays the role of the parent since she spends most of her time taking care of Jon, thus signaling the delegation of parental duties. As a young child, Jon views Sasha as a parental figure due to her protective nature and proximity daily. Therefore, the behavior and character traits expressed by Sasha will most likely relate to Jon when compared to those of his parents. Furthermore, in an instance where Sasha can no longer perform her duties as a caregiver, the adjustment to a different caregiver creates a problem that may physically or emotionally affect Jon.

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