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SLO 1 Assignment: New Farming Techniques in Agribusiness (Coursework Sample)


Please read document labeled Annotated Bibliography. Yes it is a journal/bibliogrpahy but read it more as if it was a paper. There is good information on there so use it to the best ability. Then look at document labeled M4 SLO1 and using my "paper" answer all the questions on the document.

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SLO1 part 1
The sample emphasizes on the impact of technology in agriculture. An interesting aspect brought out in the sample is the benefits gained by farmers in adopting new farming techniques in agribusiness. The article asserts that technology is a key factor in ensuring high agricultural produce. Additionally, the implementation of technology plays a vital role in coping with the inconsistent rainfall; thus, necessitating irrigation. The article also sites some economies that are vulnerable, for instance, Pakistan. An aspect attributed to this is the restrictions of farmers to loans, the high cost of fertilizers and lack of information especially on innovative farming skills. On the other hand, technological input in the agricultural sector, in Gaza has augmented; thus, resulting in an increase in crop yield and agricultural output. All in all, the sample provides enough evidence that inclusion of new skills in agriculture is the effective instrument for increasing agricultural production.
The sample speaks to the diverse audience in many ways, for instance, it postulates inclusion of innovative technologies in agriculture as the best approach towards solving the problem of food shortage. On the other hand, it also encourages farmers in arid regions to irrigate their crops. Additionally, it advocates for greenhouse farming. The story of Pakistan illustrates how high fertilizer cost, lack of funds and education can upset the agricultural sector. Hence, it sends a clear message to other states to ensure fertilizers are available at low prices, adequate civic education and sufficient loans to farmers. Gaza is brought out as one of the areas where advanced technologies in agriculture are put in practice; thus, other governments should learn from them. Lastly, throughout the article, it is evident that with new techniques farmers can increase their yields.
SLO1 part 2
The paragraph on ‘The Role of Farming Experience on the Adoption of Agricultural Technologies’ is one of the examples that illustrate how my passage writing techniques meet the specified program outcome. The sample informs us of relationship that exists and the skills that are gained by agriculturalists in exhausting farming techniques. It proceeds to debating the need for adopting and incorporating agricultural technologies in boosting farm yield. The methods include use of greenhouse, fertilizer, irrigation, and food distribution techniques. The sample ascertains that technology in farming has transformed the manner in which food is produced and distributed. Lastly, the article reinstates agricultural technology as an essential element in enhancing food security and improving living standards of farmers. Hence, illustrating how technical competency can be utilized for agriculture to come to success. This passage pushes farmers from all over the world to acquire new skills for the success in their agribusiness.
The next section is one on the journal ‘Farmers' Vulnerability to Rainfall Variability and Technology Adoption in Rain-fed Tank Irrigated Agriculture.’ The sample exemplifies how factors such as temperature increment and inconsistency rainfall distress farmers. Rises in temperature and poor rainfall in semi-arid areas are the primary reasons for reduced crop yield; hence thwarting farming. The aspects lower yields and when growers try to overcome these challenges they have to incur extra costs. The sample denotes adoption of new farming skills as a vital solution to these problems. It is essential in coping with high temperature and rainfall variability, with irrigation approaches and greenhouse technology and semi-arid regions can now be self-sufficient in food production. Besides,...
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