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Human Error (Coursework Sample)


Define human error, and explain the HFACS method used to classify human error and how HFACS can be both reactive and proactive. Remember, you must have a title page, 300 word body written in 3rd person, and at least two references.


Human Error
Human Error
Human error refers to a situation where something has been done but was not intended by the doer and also not anticipated within the rules in place. This results in a task or system going against its usual or accepted limits. In essence, human actions fail in achieving their objectives in two possible ways. First, the action can turn out as planned, but this plan can be insufficient ultimately resulting in mistakes. Secondly, the plan can be adequate, but then the performance ends up being deficient (Shappell & Wiegmann, 2012).
The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) is a wide human error outline initially employed by the United States (US) Air Force to scrutinize and analyze human factors impacts in aviation. The HFACS classifies human error into unsafe acts, preconditions for unsafe acts, unsafe supervision, and also organizational influences (Shappell & Wiegmann, 2001).
Unsafe Acts
Unsafe Acts is classified into two classes, which are errors and violations with these two classes having their own subcategories. Errors mean unintentional actions that are committed by workers. Skill-based errors describe errors that result in the operator’s implementation of a routine that lead to the unsafe situation. Decision errors are mistakes that happen when workers proceed as expected, but the chosen plan becomes insufficient. Perceptual errors occur where the operator ignores the sensory input and makes a decision based on the defective information. Violations, on the other hand, denote wilful neglect of the set rules and guidelines. Routine violations refer to habit...
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