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Evaluate Past Paper: The Position In Of Greek Women (Coursework Sample)


The job is to write an assessment of the last assignment, assess how to answer their own.


Worksheet #2
Part 1:
The Position in of Greek women was not generally is not high, or stuffy wife at home, only when the children grow grew up, women go went out to be respected. So, we can say this is because Athens is was essentially a gradually realized the democracy of male citizens groups of this nature which determines that the Athens is was an exclusive with blood relationship as the link of religious groups at the same time, due to the role of women in reproduction citizens made her them to be as a members of the family and the city continued indispensableessentially but they are were not men's definition of citizenship and isbut rather the medium of male reproduction, and access to the channel of the property. This paragraph defines the role and status of women in Greek in relation to other cities in Rome. Regardless, there are numerous grammatical errors and more specifically the use of present tense as opposed to past tense. Equally, there is no use of in-text citation to support the information provided
A Greek women woman men can was forced her with by his father and the family does not belong to the same family to divorce her husband and marry him another man because relatives to marry the bride's priority is protected by law of solon reform established specifically prohibits the bride married after take her dowry is the provisions of the purpose to suppress aristocratic forces they borrow the wedding the opportunity to show off their property in order to eliminate the disputes between male citizens to consolidate democracy is marriage and having children is a mere transfer property of the contract. This paragraph defines the role and status of women in Greek but fails to identify the opportunities that they faced. However, it describes the various limitations that women faced in the Greek society with an example of property ownership. Despite this, there are numerous grammatical errors and incomplete sentences, all of which undermines the underlying meaning.
In Rome women are usually in the hands of men. Under parental authority, women have a hard time making their own choices in marriage, and listening to their father's arrangements. In Rome, fathers not only arranged their children's marriage, but also forced them to divorce their husbands or wives. In many cases, fathers saw their daughter's marriage as a stepping stone to their careers, and their daughter's happiness was never considered. At the time, women's marriage became a card for parents, and they fell victim to it. Whether they are suitable, happy or not, they are not. This paragraph describes the role of women in Ro

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