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Answer The Questions Co-cultural Theory (End Of Semester) (Coursework Sample)


Answer the following questions thoroughly and in-depth. These are essay questions and your answers should be completely explained and detailed. You may use outside sources, but remember to cite any information that you take from somewhere/ someone else.


Co-Cultural Theory/ End-of-semester Exam
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Co-Cultural Theory/ End-of-semester Exam
Question 1
Co-cultural theory was developed upon the frameworks of standpoint theory and muted group theory. The theory primarily focuses on explaining how a group of people in a community interact and communicate especially to the dominant group (Orbe & Harris, 2013). In addition, the theory asserts that human beings, especially in the inferior group tend come up with approaches that will attempt to eliminate aspects of discrimination, suppression and stereotypes to establish a respectful and equable connection with the superior group or even overtaking the dominant groups (Orbe & Harris, 2013). Concisely, co-cultural theory built its explanation on the facets of the two theories to demonstrate how individuals make the communicative choices they do.
The evidences on the standpoint theory justify and explains how people chose the language to use in a society or workplace. Standpoint Theory is of the idea that since the dominant group has framed a world that h

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