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Corporations Influence on Government (Coursework Sample)


Occupy Wall Street (2011–2012) was a recent political and social movement that protested the power and greed of American corporations. Its historical roots can be traced all the way back to the Gilded Age, a period in American history that lasted from around 1877 to 1901. During that time, wealthy corporations, such as Standard Oil and Carnegie Steel, used their wealth to influence politics. According to the authors of the book "The National Experience: A History of the United States," most issues of the day during the Gilded Age were "settled around the council tables of industrialists and financiers rather than in the halls of legislatures and in the meetings of cabinets.”


Corporations Influence on Government
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As described by the article discuss the conflict that exist between social policies and what is good for society compared with the objectives of for-profit companies
Social interests are also called "the overall interests of society" and "public interest." It refers to the various needs of the overall survival and development of society, as opposed to ‘personal interests.’ Such as the conditions of production and reproduction in society, the welfare of people's public life, the conditions for the development of spiritual civilization, and so on. Hence, they refer to the welfare of the general population as opposed to dealing with just an individual interest ("How corporations influence the government? | | Confront Corporate Power", 2014). One method in which corporations influence government is lobbying. In this case, they influence the decisions made by the government.
Social security also discusses the term social policy which refers to the code of the conduct or the basic policy which is

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