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Zoning Problem Business & Marketing Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


You only need to answer question 4 in Zoning HW pdf. Please refer to Zoning By-law Text (2012 Consolidated Version) from website.


Zoning Homework You have a three acre lot in Cambridge on which you wish to build a shopping centre. The current zoning on the site is RM2. Using the City of Cambridge Zoning By-Law (available online at:, answer the following questions related to your proposed development.1 1. What can you build on the site at the moment (include size of potential development in units)? How many parking spaces are required for that proposed development? 2. Which shopping centre definition applies if you want to build a shopping centre, including a small grocery/variety store (2,500 SF), a hairdresser, a drycleaner and 5 to 6 other small retailers/restaurants? What zoning would you need? Choose the lowest category of zoning that will allow this as it will be easier to get through council (C1 is the highest, as it is the broadest). 3. Suppose you obtain C4 zoning; what is the maximum gross leasable area you can build? Normally maximum building height would also be specified but this does not seem to be the case in Cambridge except in the city centre. How many parking spaces do you need? 4. What factors will affect how receptive the municipality is to this change? Submit your group’s typed responses to Dropbox. 1 Things you need to know: 1 hectare = 2.47105381 acres; 1 SF = 0.09290304 m2 ; 1 acre = 43,560 SF


Zoning in the City of Cambridge
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Zoning in the City of Cambridge
Factors that affect how receptive the municipality is to this change
The change entails zoning, which is embedded in the City of Cambridge Zoning By-law No. 150-85. The law regulates how land is used and giving regulations for the location of structures and buildings (decks and sheds), density, building height, landscaping, and parking facilities to ensure development is orderly. Before one applies for a business license or building permit, they should first consider the zoning regulations applicable to their property. The municipality’s reception of this change would depend on whether or not it has adhered to the different legal requirements.
The municipality will consider whether a building permit has been applied for since the change will involve renovations, construction, addition, plumbing work, and some repai

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