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Week 4 - Strategic Analysis Project: Company and Industry Analysis (Coursework Sample)


Company Is Walmart


7/23/2020 Topic: the week 4 assignment has been edited slightly to clarify the requirements. 1/1  the week 4 assignment has been edited slightly to clarify the requirements. Marcia Smith This announcement is closed for comments Search entries or author All Sections Class - I have slightly edited the week 4 assignment to clarify the requirements. See the revised content below: This week, we're going to conduct a company and industry analysis. For your company, identify the following: Strengths and weaknesses (Internal Environment Assessment) Opportunities and threats (External Environment Assessment) (Typically, a SWOT analysis is illustrated using a table, list or boxes - and this is fine for this assignment. If any issues in the SWOT need to be further described or discussed, text can accompany this analysis - otherwise, a table, list or boxes can be used here) Porter's Five Force Analysis (industry environment assessment) Gap analysis - What is an appropriate response to address the top 4 weaknesses, opportunities, or threats identified in the SWOT analysis. There is no page or word requirement, but it is expected that all of the topics listed above will be clearly discussed in detail. Please ensure that all information is properly cited and referenced per APA guidelines, and quotation marks are used for all directly quoted material. Unread  


Strategic Analysis for Walmart
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Strategic Analysis for Walmart
Walmart is a leading retail store in the U.S. with over 11,000 stores in different formats dotted across the country. Moreover, the company has a presence in 27 countries through its physical and e-commerce channels based on its 58 banners. Walmart’s strategies over the past few years have been on the development of its distribution and sales network so that customers are served better. It follows that the company’s position as a leading establishment, its wide range of products, and favorable pricing strategy have continued to ensure the growth and popularity of brand it’s brand albeit having to contend with intense competition by emerging companies like Amazon. To gain a better understanding of the internal and external environment in which Walmart operates, this paper presents a SWOT analysis for the company. Moreover, the article looks at the industry environment for Walmart based on Porter’s Five Force analysis and gap analysis.
SWOT Analysis
The following table illustrates Walmart’s SWOT analysis, and thus the condition of its internal environment made up of its strengths and weaknesses and the external environment comprised of opportunities and threats.
Internal Environment

* Established retail brand

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