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The essential tenets of the scientific method
The scientific method offers six essential tenets during research. First, formulation of the question is done. This is the question that the researcher wishes to answer during the research process. A Hypothesis is developed in which the researcher defines what he thinks is likely to occur in the experiment. The hypothesis is not necessarily correct because it’s just a guess. An Experiment is designed in which a control group is defined as well as the variables that will be tested in the experiment. A Conclusion is drawn based on the results of the experiment.
This involves organizing of the experimental results and giving a report about the experiment. Creating a workable prediction of your data is yet another important tenet. Finally, an Analysis/Reflection of the result is done to see if there is need for further research or not. This research method is important in business research because it gives a systematic approach to research and is based on theory and facts. This is important in business since it aids in decision making. For instance, this method can be used to study customer behavior and sales.
Deduction and induction
Deductive approach involves reasoning from the general facts and drawing a conclusion based on these facts. This is the ‘top down approach. ’The conclusion follows logically from the facts. The Inductive approach works from the observations to the more general theories. It takes the ‘bottom up approach.’
For instance, a deductive argument can be: if A and B are equal and B is equal to C, then A is equal to C. This shows that one does not need to prove physically that A is equal to C. On the other hand, the assertion that ‘All birds I have seen fly, therefore all birds fly’ is an example of an inductive argument. This means that a conclusion is made based on the observations made over a period of time.
Pilot test and the primary considerations
Pilot testing is important in ensuring that any revisions or corrections to the instruments and procedures of the experiment are made. This helps in ensuring that the right questions are asked, the correct data is collected and the methods chosen for this process work. This also helps researchers make necessary improvements.
For a researcher to conduct an effective pilot test, the correct course of action must ne chosen. This involves the getting the right individuals/ groups for the study, the instruments to be used, the applicability of the results and the procedures to e used. It is also important for the researcher to analyze the specific timeline and the resources needed for the pilot study.
Exploratory research phase of a research project
An exploratory research is generally used to identify and explain why certain things occurred an...
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