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Social Media and Web 2.0 Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


1) Visit the websites of several social media sites (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). What differences do you notice between these various sites? Are you a member of any of these services? Why or why not?
2) In 2011, Google introduced Google+ as a Facebook competitor. Read this article: http://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2011/06/29/technology/29google.html?pagewanted=all Then conduct some research on your own about Google+. How do you think Google+ compares to Facebook? Have you tried using Google+? Why or why not? Do you think Google has a chance at successfully competing against Facebook? Why or why not?
3) Find an article online about an incident where an employee was fired for social media use. Summarize and critique the article in your own words. Do you think the termination of the employee was justified? Why or why not? Could the employer have done anything to prevent this incident? Be sure to include the URL of your article.
4) Come up with three concrete recommendations for improving your chosen information system. Make sure you do not just identify the problems, but that you also make very specific recommendations for how you would correct those problems. This is going to be a very important part of your Analysis Essay 2, so make sure you come up with three original, concrete recommendations for improving your system and that you explain how you would implement each one. It is NOT an option to say, "My system can't be improved." Information systems can always be enhanced and made better, and it is your job in this class to to come up with three good concrete recommendations for improving your information system.
My information system choice is Cargo Movement Operation System (CMOS) for question 4.


Social Media and Web 2.0
Social media sites-MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
MySpace is more customizable than Facebook, and the site has attracted people in the creative industry. I am not on MySpace as what I would share is already in Facebook, which has more subscribers. Facebook has similar features to MySpace, but has a standard look and seeks to foster relationships. The platform allows one to share photos, general news and status updates with Facebook friends who can be friends, family members, schoolmates, workmates and different Facebook group members. LinkedIn was launched to foster business collaborations and users make connections through their employment history. I am in LinkedIn as the business-oriented site focuses on professional relationship. Twitter allows users to read 140 and 280 character text messages (tweets), with registered users posting, reading and retweeting tweets, but unregistered users can read tweets for profiles that are public. I am on twitter as I can get into conversations based on the hashtags (#) option the site also keeps me informed about the political landscape and get updates on what is trending in the U.S. and worldwide.
Google+ and Facebook competitor

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