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BUS 300: Oral Exam. Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


only need to read chapter1 to 6

BUS 300: Oral Exam 
Be prepared to answer the questions below
I suggest writing them out and reading the text at least twice.
On Writing Well Oral Exam Study Guide Chapters 1-6
Chapter 1: The Transaction
1. What does the professional writer do with his/her feelings, or if he or she laces inspiration? Does the writer stop writing?
2. Why does Zinsser use no symbols in his writing?
3. What is the difference between Dr. Brock and Zinsser?
4. What is the writing process?
5. Why is writing hard work?
Chapter 2: Simplicity
6. What is simplicity and how does it differ from clutter?
7. What is the secret of good writing? Give an example.
8. Who is the reader? What are some of the obstacles the writer faces in reaching the reader?
9. Should the reader work hard to understand the writer? Defend your answer.
10. What is clutter? Give a very detailed answer.
11. Define clutter and give an example of cluttered writing and uncluttered writing.
Chapter 3:  Clutter
12. Can you recognize clutter at a glance? Give two examples.
13. How does Zinsser use brackets to fight clutter in writing?
14. Why are short words good to use in writing?
15. What is verbal camouflage?
Clutter 4: Style
16. What is style in writing?
17. What is style tied to and composed of?
18. How does a writer develop his or her style?
19. Why does a writer have to strip their writing down before he/she builds it back up?
20. Why is writing an act of ego?
Chapter 5: The Audience
21. Who is the audience? Give an example.
22. How does the writing effectively reach the audience?
23. How does a writer master the skill of writing?
24. What does it mean to be yourself when you write?
25. Who is the writer writing for and why?
26. What does Zinsser mean when he says “simplify, prune, and strive for order?”
27. How do you express who you are in writing?
Chapter 6: Words
28. What does Zinsser mean when he says ‘care deeply about words’? Give an example.
29. Why should we use a dictionary? How does using a dictionary benefit writing?
30. Same question for the thesaurus – why use it/how does it benefit writing?
31. What does Zinsser mean by journalese? What is it? Why should writers avoid it?
32. Why should we make a habit of reading what is written today and what was written by earlier masters of writing?
33. Do readers only read with their eyes? Or do they hear what they are reading? Why should this matter to a writer?
34. Why should writers listen to what they write?
35. Why should you consider sound and rhythm of words when you write?
36. How do you choose words to use in an article/or presentation?
37. How did Zinsser learn to write?


Writing Well
Writing Well
1. Zinsser and Brock give different opinions on how professional writers should handle their feelings concerning writing. Brock argues that writers should doge their work if they are not feeling so well, but Zinsser believes that writers should set schedules and stick to them (Zinsser, 2006). The latter claims that writing is a craft and not art (Zinsser, 2006). Thus, anyone running from their works is not only fooling themselves but also attracting poverty (Zinsser, 2006).
2. Zinsser avoids using symbols since they always lead to losing the meaning of what he intended to write about (Zinsser, 2006). He states that he always ends up not knowing what he has conveyed in his own work whenever he uses symbols (Zinsser, 2006).

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