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Module 3 Assignment SLP Logistical Quality Control (Coursework Sample)


Module 3 - SLP
This SLP continues your analysis of the organization you nominated in SLP1.
You may find it convenient to review the thumbnail descriptions of the various logistical functions, found in SLP1.
For this SLP, please address the organization's logistical quality distribution strategy, to include:
The specifically logistical functions for which the organization is responsible.
The metrics pertaining to those functions that determine quality. Possible metrics are timeliness, reliability, cost, shrinkage (damage and loss), etc.
How those metrics are monitored.
How the organization applies Deming's PDCA paradigm to quality control; or if it doesn't, how it could or should apply that paradigm.


There are a number of logistical functions that the company is responsible for with reference to giving the clients the best possible services. The company is responsible for ensuring that their clients get the right products that they ordered (White, 2015). This is also linked to making sure that the products get to the clients in the stipulated time and at the cost that was agreed upon. To achieve this level of efficiency it is crucial that the company is able to manage the transport systems, control their stock, warehousing and monitor their flow of goods they are selling to the customers (Aldonna, 2017).
There are a number of metrics that can be used to evaluate the functions mentioned above, with reference to the level of quality. This is crucial as it helps the company to better enhance the customer experience and gain more customer loyalty associated with the element of reliability and effectiveness. These are key elements that most of the customers are looking for. As such, they have to achieve with the refinement of the distribution channel, especially in reference to the logistical functions. One of the metric associated with the distribution channel and the transportation mode of choice is timelessness. Road transport is one of the most timeless aspects associated with moving goods and services from one place to the next (Aldonna, 2017). This is relative to the level of flexibility it offers the company with time. Reliability is a key metric for testing the transport mode. Using the road transport offers the company significant reliability. It offers the company a way to deliver products within short and long distances. The main metric that is used in the consideration to have road transport as the main distribution is cost(White, 2015). As such, it sets the precedence for the distribution evaluatio...
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