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Module 2 Case Product Distribution Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Topic II: The Keystone Pipeline
The case of the Keystone pipeline clearly illustrates the centrality of logistics in daily life. Pipelines, trains and trucks are everywhere, but are usually ignored until there's some sort of stoppage (e.g., a drivers' strike) or a major disaster, such as a derailment resulting in a dangerous spill.
The Keystone pipeline, championed by business and opposed by environmentalists, would move millions of tons of thick, sludgy oil from the tar sands of northern Canada to the American Gulf Coast. At the time of this writing, the Congress has approved it, but the President has promised to veto it. Strong partisan feelings dominate the discussion.
For this assignment, you should read the additional sources, plus anything else you can find on both sides of the issue, and state your case either for or against the pipeline. The most important logistical factors are cost and safety. The most important environmental factors are oil production from tar sands, which is a polluting activity, and the global-warming implications of having another major source of inexpensive petroleum.
By the time you read this topic, the issue may be resolved, and the pipeline either cancelled or under construction. If that's the case, then please discuss the resolution, detailing the factors that entered into the decision. You should also explain why you think the decision was either right or wrong, and whether you believe it ought to be reversed. (Government decisions are sometimes wrong, and can be reversed.)
As always, we're looking for close, logical argumentation, backed up with citations and references. Strong opinions are permitted, even encouraged – but they must be supported.


The Keystone Pipeline
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The Keystone Pipeline
Statistics have indicated that most of the construction and transportation companies in America are operating at half of their capacities. This implies that more than 2 million construction and transportation workers are unemployed. So when private companies suggest projects that might create more than 100,000 jobs, union representatives prick their ears due to this news. When the Keystone Pipeline project was initiated, the proponents claimed that it will “pave a path to better days and raise the standard of living for working men and women in the construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries. It will

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