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Questions With Marketing Point Of View: Chocolate in China (Coursework Sample)


1. Use the Chocolate in China article.
a. Discuss market entry strategies as used by the companies in the Chocolate in China article.
b. What would you have recommended to avoid the marketing missteps companies made?
You are the marketing manager for a new start-up line of flavored cottage cheese. Your healthy cottage cheese come in individual service size containers and in exotic flavors. You feel you have a great new product with as yet untapped sales potential. In order to get wider distribution for your new product, you need to get wholesalers and retailers to carry the product and consumers to buy it. You have a modest marketing budget which you haven't yet committed. Answer each of the following. Be specific.
a. Define your target market(s). What is your positioning?
b. What is your pricing strategy?
What is your distribution objective?
Describe a PUSH strategy for marketing your product (include at least 3 tactics)
Describe a PULL strategy for marketing your product (include at least 3 tactics)
What would you recommend for the promotional mix?
3. Consider one of the following Olympic sponsors: Coca-Cola, Panasonic, P&G, McDonalds, or Omega. (You may look at the company website, ads, and annual report).
a.How does the Olympic sponsorship fit into the company's promotional mix?
b.Do you think the sponsorship is a good use of promotional dollars for this company?
c.Why or why not?


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Question 1
Hershey, Cadbury, Mars, and Nestle entered the China market for chocolates by targeting direct sales to individual consumers (Baker, 2014). On the other hand, Ferrero entered the market by identifying a particular niche which included the use of an independent distribution partner to offer expensive gifts to the chines people. Given the condition of the country in terms of infrastructure at that time, the companies focused on the quality of chocolates that they sold.
However, the most of the companies experienced missteps, and this could have been avoided if only the companies took time to study the Chinese market to identify what best works for them. Rushing into a market to beat the competition is a risky strategy and bound to experience missteps.
Question 2
The target market for

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