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Lifestyle Segmentation Marketing Coursework Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Choose a specific product category about hotels (budget, upscale, or luxury, hotel casino, etc), or restaurant (casual, family, or theme, etc); (2) Discuss what type of products/services and benefits the hospitality companies in the category of your choice should offer to appeal to your customer profile; and (3) Include a discussion of your communication strategy and type of messages/slogans you would use in your advertising to target your customer profile more effectively. The length requirement excludes the descriptions of your primary and secondary profiles.
My profiles are listed
Primary profiles:Experiencers
As a consumer group, Experiencers have high resources and a Self-Expression motivation.
Members of this group typically:
Want everything
Are first in and first out of trend adoption
Go against the current mainstream
Are up on the latest fashions
Love physical activity (are sensation seeking)
See themselves as very sociable
Believe that friends are extremely important
Are spontaneous
Have a heightened sense of visual stimulation.
secondary profiles:Strivers
As a consumer group, Strivers have low resources and an Achievement motivation.
Members of this group typically:
Have revolving employment; high temporary unemployment
Use video and video games as a form of fantasy
Are fun loving
Are imitative
Rely heavily on public transportation
Are the center of low-status street culture
Desire to better their lives but have difficulty in realizing their desire
Wear their wealth.


Institutional Affiliation:
Lifestyle Segmentation
The hospitality and hotel industry caters for millions of travelers and customers each and every day, with each of them checking in with their own reservations and expectations. To meet these expectations, there is a need to ensure that the customers return. However, a great number of leisure and hotel operators are resorting to advanced analytics solutions with the primary objective of meeting the needs of their customers. This paper seeks to conduct a study on lifestyle segmentation.
Lifestyle Segmentation
Tourist's travel and visit hotels for several reasons, with most of them in a position to spend hefty for their holidays. In this case, most hotels target the middle income earners aged between 18 and 30 years who travel for the love of nature, to seek to travel for the purpose of relaxation, and who have interest in water sports. These tourists additionally travel for rejuvenation and relaxation and fun activities.
Given this, it is essential to consider that the targeted segment of tourists are primarily impacted by factors such as brand, quality, trend, location, and atmosphere and the hotels environment in making their decisions. This clearly indicates that the tourist's perceptions are influenced by their purchasing behaviors. Hotels engage in the gaming industry therefore own gambling rooms, resorts, entertainment segments, rooms, dining's, conventional meeting facilities, and retail spaces to meet the demands of their guests. In this regard, diversified offering enables hotels in gaming sector to maintain their hotel occupancy rates in instance of seasonally slow leisure travel periods.
On the other hand, the gaming sector enhances the specialization of hospitality facilities capacity to specialize in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of network and entertainment equipment's aimed at enhance the services delivered to customers. These assets are therefore considered as luxurious and beside only producing revenues for the companies, the companies may also generate proceeds through fr

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