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The Impact Of Government On Pepsico (Coursework Sample)


Unit III Course Project For this portion of your course project, you will be adding information about the importance of legal, regulatory, and political issues and identifying those present in your chosen firm. How do these issues impact your firm? In addition, this section should meet the criteria below.

Explain the impact of government on business.

Articulate the need for appropriate regulatory oversight of business.

Identify the classes of political strategy.

Illustrate the application of political strategies and their importance.

Summarize how corporations influence government decision-making.

Evaluate how your chosen firm uses lobbying strategies.

A good source of information to assist you in addressing these questions is the annual report(s) of the firm. This section of your project must be at least two pages in length. You must use at least one academic source, and any information from outside sources should be cited in APA format. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.


Course Project
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The impact of government on PepsiCo
The world is turning against soft drinks and junk foods, and that's one of the reasons why governments order PepsiCo and Coca-Cola to limit the production of soda and snack foods. These days, governments around the world are trying to convince citizens to not drink soft drinks due to their side effects. That has directly impacted PepsiCo's business, because if more and more people will stop consuming soda, how would they increase their sales and generate revenues. PepsiCo, being a soda giant, is now making significant changes to its soda products and intends to diversify its offering outside of sugary drinks. Meanwhile, they have submitted requests to governments to lower the taxes on sweetened soft drinks and snack foods (Ozturk & Takhar, 2017).
The need for appropriate regulatory oversight of PepsiCo
Threatened by government regulations and critical public opinions, PepsiCo has set some rules and regulations to ensure that all of its snack foods and soft drinks come up the expectations of consumers. They aim to produce and market health-friendly soda so that the consumers don't stop using their products. In a sense, there is a strong need for appropriate regulatory oversight because soda and snack foods are responsible for various diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, and others. The food industry has made visible pledges to stop the marketing of junk foods, and PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are forefront in this regard (Venkataraman & Summers, 2017).
The classes of political strategy
There are different classes of political strategies, such as hiring external experts, using objective information, controlling agendas, and creating win-win solutions. Various experts are hired to focus on every class and to ensure that co

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