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Historical Data Paper. Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Explain the technology and approach you would use to handle the needs for studying historical trends in the information you have collected in your individual DB of previous weeks. What information from the database would you collect over time?
Create a star model diagram for a data warehouse for your individual DB, showing all tables and fields, as covered in class material and examples. What information will you store in the fact table? What attributes will it have? What are its fact fields? What dimension tables will you create? How will you organize the dimension tables as they relate to the Fact table?
Explain, at a level suitable for business management, what they will be able to find out using this, both by breaking down information according to one or more dimensions, or drilling down on individual cells.
Combine these items in a 1- to 2-page APA formatted paper, with a clear Star schema diagram copied and pasted in your paper.


Business Trends
Name of Student
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Business Trends
This paper explores business trends that have occurred from time to time, giving their implications in future trends. It also shows the attributes of such events and gives their level of sustainability to the management. To achieve this comprehensively, it uses the star schema diagram comparing the historical events more clearly. Giving what one would be able to find out or learn from the information.
In analyzing the key performance indicators, which should form the basis for the analysis of your organization’s current performance, its future requirements and the improving strategies required for ongoing success according to (Allen & Unwin, 2002), trends such as financial trends, speed of stock turnover, payment terms and creditor days, trading hours, display area, staff numbers and waste management costs are likely to be encountered as the contributors of either good or poor business performance.

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