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Globalized Professionals: The Rise Of GAAP (Coursework Sample)


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Based upon Chapter 5: Systems Development and Project Management: Corporate Responsibility

With growing trends toward outsourcing, some economists are pointing to the emergence of “globalizedprofessionals”, who are developing qualifications necessary to succeed in the global job market. For thisassignment, use Web and library resources to research globalized professionals. Pay special attention to theway this concept relates to your current major (such as Accounting, Finance, Engineering, MIS).

Using the information you have found, write a one-page (single space) paper outlining your thoughts. Ifthe idea of becoming a globalized professional appeals to you, describe how you might enhance yourqualifications. If the idea does not appeal to you, explain why. 


Globalized Professionals
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Globalized Professionals
Globalized professionals have emerged in the recent years and their existence is associated with numerous benefits. For instance, this has led to the creation of global bodies such as the accounting body known as the GAAP which sets the standards of reporting accounting. The rise of GAAP, as a professional body, has led to high dependability in accounting because such professionals from any corner of the world can create and establish accounting by using the high accounting standards that have been put in place (Durocher, Gendron, & Picard, 2015). GAAP standard is universal and serves the interest of the public since it is established by an inter-professional body.
The universal standards have led to increased efficiency in accounting as well as in capital market which is crucial in a country’s economy. The standards have also improved comparability of organizati

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