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Extra Credit-Porsche, VR & 3D Technology, Marketing Strategy (Coursework Sample)


The professor gives these two links to use it and analyze it. Then, answer these five following questions base on those two links and other information or materials.
1) Why is Porsche betting so heavily in high tech, VR & 3D technology for their marketing strategy?
2) What kind of basic & applied research do you think they did before going ahead with this decision?
3) By going so heavily on this high tech integrated marketing, who can we infer is their target market? What if another consulting firm responds to them that, the majority of their consumers are >40, very high income and not tech savvy, how would Porsche defend their decision?
4) Porsche was very, very secretive and guarded with their collaboration with Microsoft but ended up with having their newest super car be the main branding (spokescar?) for the newest Forza game, widely considered the best driving simulator made for the mass audience. How do you think this changes Porsche's branding and people's relationship with the company?
5) Do you think this strategy will work in the short and long term? What are possible pitfalls? By being a industry leader in high tech, VR, and gaming marketing, what dangers does Porsche face vs other super car manufacturers?


Extra Credit-Porsche
Porsche extensively makes use of high tech, VR and 3D technology, due to the competitive advantage they offer in the car industry. Use of high tech, VR and 3D technology enables Porsche to tie together multiple forms of marketing such as traditional print and video elements. Many people especially the young generation are more internet and technology oriented. Therefore, high tech helps Porsche to avail information in the market and increase engagement with its customers.
Racing games and 3D specifically enables customers to view Porsche cars in all angles, increasing their understanding of the design and the developing process of the car. According to Curran (2012), gaming and 3D technology helps in smashing barriers in the market and tends to be more convincing and more effective.
Obviously, before Porsche decided to use high tech, 3D and racing games as marketing tools, they must have researched on the efficiency of this method. They considered factors such as the effect of the marketing strategy, on the health of the brand and future sales and revenues. Furthermore, an important research must have been conducted on the cost of the marketing strategy. Most importantly, an exclusive research on the effects of VR, 3D technology and racing games on current

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