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E-Business - Luxury Rental Company (Coursework Sample)


Write 1-2 paragraphs describing your idea (business goals & objectives) for your e-commerce business that is related to your major (for example, health-care related products selling, clothing sales etc.). Be sure to include information about your potential business, products, services, and customers.


E-Business - Rental Apartments
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E-Business – Rental Apartments
Company's profile
Luxury Rental Company is an e-commerce company significantly designed to become a prominent market leader is apartment rental services. The purpose of the business is highly constructed on renting income-producing real estate. The company fills the negated in the local areas, rental housing market by offering clean, well-cared with perfect locations for rental apartments to well qualified and reliable tenants. Neither families, nor tenants are chosen slowly but intentionally, planned and methodically. The property selection process is strictly based on long-term investment criteria and the tenants are personally assessed by the owners. The company believes that the key to successful real estate management is a long-term commitment to the process of selecting property and tenants. The luxury leasing company is fully committed to the long-term success of its leasing business as part of its future expansion plans. It is this devotion and this motivation that separates them from their local peers.
Aims and objectives
* Finding only reliable and qualified tenants and hoping for a long-term lease
* Seamlessly blend comfort and convenience
* Generate passive income
* To serve our business partners the resources they need to succeed
* To give company's employees strong roots and the brightest of futures
* Investing in a quality real estate market with prices in the local market
The company's key aim is to provide quality services which include clean, quality homes in the growing markets to well-qualified, well-settled and reliable tenants. There are few other services which relate to company's major service aim such as application process, lease termination, agreement profile and contract copy. Since the company is offering on

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