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Discussion: Six Sigma + Review the Fleming and Koppelman article (Coursework Sample)

1.) Identify one of the goals of Six Sigma shown in Table 13-1 of the text and provide an example of a project you have been involved with where the method could have helped the project outcome. Comment if your organization uses Six Sigma and, if so, the influence it has had on the results of projects and the overall business. 2.) Review the Fleming and Koppelman article from your assigned readings. Evaluate two of the ten EVM requirements and analyze how a project you have worked on in the past could have been more effective by using the measures. Provide detailed information if your organization consistently uses EVM and the benefits that have resulted. References Kerzner, H. (2005). Using the Project Management Maturity Model: Strategic planning for project management (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. source..
Business and Marketing Name: Course title: Instructor: Institution: Date Due: The Six- Sigma Scholars have recently rated the Six Sigma as the most popular management tool for organizations. Additionally, it is considered as an entity on its own right. It is also considered as one of the huge brands in the world of business development (Jacowski, 2006). Organizations such as financial institutions, multinational corporations, armed forces, healthcare facilities, local government and other services are pressured to cut cost associated with their good or service production for their own sustenance. The six sigma method will be particularly be very essential as a cost cutting tool especially for those firms that are threatened with increased competition, rising costs, reduced revenues and so on. Although the six sigma was not presumed to be a cost-cutting tool, it is in essence geared to that purpose since its main aim is to increase profitability in an organization. The six-sigma methodology goes about increased profits through the reduced cost of production and operations (Kerzner 2005). In my sales and marketing endeavors, I have had an experience of being a marketer for a book publisher for quiet some time. After being enli...
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