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Database Fundamentals Paper. Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Assignment Preparation: You have been selected to run a major project for management of data at one of a number of organizations, with the organizations and their projects described in separate attachments below. (Select one of the three projects: Individual Assignment A, Individual Assignment B, or Individual Assignment C)
Note. Your course facilitator may select certain choices or create his or her own. Therefore, do not assume that the organizations and projects available in one section of this course are the same in all sections.
You may create your own organization based on an organization and project with which you are familiar, but if you do so, you must provide materials covering each of the following areas described for the provided examples:
o Description of the organization
o Description of information the organization needs to track to support its daily business, and how it will be used by the organization
o Description of the most common or urgent activities that will access this information, how often they occur, and the expected response time
o Description of the organization's needs for investigating trends in this information over time (optionally, include information collected in other existing databases)
o Description of other data sources available to the organization, internally or externally, including some sources of data that are unstructured
Week 1 Scenario
You have a challenge in your project: you do not have a team, a process for development, or any tools for data management with which to do the job. You need to develop a plan for them.


Database Fundamentals Paper
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Database Fundamentals Paper
Description of the Organization
Stanford Hospital is one of the most recent healthcare facilities utilizing modern technology and information in providing care services to patients. It is an extraordinary facility since it is a reimagined space for healing and health and doubles as the capacity for patient care and modernizes its capacity to cure and treat. It uses the most advanced medical technologies and human-centered approaches in patient care to help it in pursuing its vision; to prevent, predict, and cure more precisely. The biomedical research has been driven by Stanford Medicine for decades and this changes the delivery of healthcare at the facility and around the world. 

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