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Data Protection and Security Paper Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Assignment Content
Write a 1- to 2-page paper based on the following information:
The database you have created is critical to your organization. You want to ensure that:
the information is secure,
it is protected against computer, network or media failure,
it continues to perform well and be available as the number of users accessing and changing the data increases, and
operations are applied consistently no matter what else is happening
What do you expect your team and tools to do to achieve each of these goals? For security, give consideration to external or internal attacks on the application and the database, as discussed in class, the web interface (if applicable) or the operating system. For failures, give consideration to each kind of failure. For performance and availability, consider the specified increased user and data loads, as discussed in class. For consistency, consider processes that update the same rows or tables that overlap in different ways.


Data Protection and Security
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Data Protection and Security
The database that was created in this exercise is essential to the organization. There is a need to ensure the security of the information, that it is connected against the network computer or medium failure. Further, the website should continue to perform well and be readily available, even when the number of users keeps increasing. The tools and methods of achieving these functions are described below. 
Ensuring the Security of Information
This can be achieved through various approaches. First, the login pages should be encrypted. Encryption of the sessions after one has successful access to the website is also encouraged as a way of preventing possible information. Encryption also ensures that only authorized individuals can access the website or confidential data. 
The team should also manage the web site through encryptions (Ristolainen, 2017). The use of such connections that are not encrypted or with weak encryptions like unencrypted HTTP o FTP for a web server or web site management exposes the website to such attacks as man-in-the-middle as well as password or login sniffing. As such, encrypted connections can help in avoiding such attacks.

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