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Emotional intelligence (EQ). Coursework EQ Components. Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Effective 21st century leaders recognize the importance of both emotional intelligence (EQ) and cognitive intelligence (IQ) as driving forces in their ability to succeed. Which of the four components of EQ (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management) do you consider the most essential to an effective leader? Why? Use specific examples in your response. Please include 1 or more references in APA format.


Coursework EQ Components
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Coursework EQ Components
Emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to an individual’s ability to know how his or her emotions affect others. In particular, it is the primary thing that distinguishes effective leaders from ordinary ones. The four most vital components of an effective leader are motivation, self-awareness, social skills, and self-regulation.
Peter Stewart (2019) asserts that EQ is the key to a person’s career advancement. In particular, he says that self-awareness makes a person to recognize and know how his or her emotions, actions, and mood affect other people (Stewart, 2019). For instance, by seeing how others react to an individual, it becomes easy to understand their patterns of behaviors and adjust accordingly to improve the relationship.
The other significant component of an effective leader is self-regulation. Specifically, self-regulation entails finding the appropriate time and strategy to express how one feels about others’ behaviors. For example, an effective leader should not address employees in a harsh tone when they commit a mistake. Instead, one needs to approach them respectfully and e

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