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Coursework 2.1.cb Business & Marketing Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


Question 1
Why should we square errors?  How is that better than “cancelling out” errors?  Shouldn’t errors be cancelled out?
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Question 2
Tornadoes are a significant and unique feature of middle North America.  The rain is welcome to agriculture and cleaning the land, but the wind storms can cause much destruction and some loss of life.  How are tornadoes forecasted now?  Is there a better approach you would like to see?
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The mathematical advantages of squaring errors are evident from their use while analyzing the overall performance of linear regression (Daryal & Kumar, 2012). This allows us to partition the variation in a particular dataset into the variation that is explained by randomness and the variation that is explained by the model. It should be noticed that errors are the deviations of the mean, so squaring errors will help eliminate the negative signs of deviations. At the same time, we have to remember that canceling errors is not effective because this will mean that the error term is zero. Plus, it will look like the significance of having the error term (which consists of the effects of different factors rather than the main of the model) is lost or is not taken care of.
It is too

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