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Is Investing In The Parent Company Of Google Called Alphabet Inc. (Coursework Sample)


Your assignment was to pretend that you have $10,000 to invest for four weeks. You are to "invest" this money in stocks or mutual funds and to track your investments on a weekly basis for four weeks (see schedule for due date). Pick five different stocks or funds to follow.
Write a report on
Why you selected the investments you did?
Tell me about your time horizons, is this for retirement or was this to fund a vacation? How does the investment goal dictate what funds you chose to put into it? What risk factors did you consider, both personal and market-wise.
Whether any noteworthy company results, news events, or economic events impacted your investments during this period (show your gains or losses for the period)
Tell me what happened. Why do you think this happened? I will be looking for relevant, i.e. news stories, explaining why you think your stock may have done well or not so well.
How your investments' performance compared with the performance of the S&P 500 index during this period?
Again, you may want to use relevant news to form your opinions here and back them with evidence.
Your tracking of the following three stock market indexes:
Dow Jones Industrial Average
S&P 500 stock index
Russell 2000 index for small caps
Give a brief synopsis, find an article or two, that talks about what is going on with each of these indexes. What does it mean to your investments?
Conclude with what you learned and how you feel about it.
Again, we have covered a number of psychological and behavioral economic issues(ostrich effect, in house money, cognitive dissonance). You can talk about them from a global perspective or from a personal perspective. Tell me if you found this interesting, and you will look into stocks or talk to a professional, or if you hated it. What did you hate and how will this impact your investment future.
Please also attach a spreadsheet of your investments, so that I can see what you tracked. Stock price changes and any other pertinent information you wish to provide me.


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If I am to pretend that I have $10,000 to invest for nearly four weeks in any stock or mutual funds, then I would not choose one or two options; instead, I would go with up to five options of investment and would dig deeper to find out how much I need to invest in each and everything. To keep things simple, I would invest $2,000 in every single option. I think that a crypto-currency like BitCoin is good to go with. The second appropriate option is a relatively new crypto-currency called Ethereum; thirdly, I would invest in a stock of Apple Inc. The fourth option is investing in the parent company of Google called Alphabet Inc., and the last option is the Coca-Cola Bottling Co Consolidated. For the sake of this paper, I started monitoring my stock and investment options on May 22, 2017.
Most of the stocks cannot be bought in different fractions, so I would like to invest about $2,000 per stock. What is left behind would be used in BitCoins because it is possible to buy fractions of a coin conveniently! BitCoin is a form of digital currency or the electronic cash that is possible to be sent by one user to another through the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network without any need for an intermediary (Malpani, 2011). For me, BitCoin has been the subject of interest for many months. I have heard a lot about it; basically, it is not a stock but a currency. Just like other normal or traditional currencies, its value is subject to change. However, it is not backed by gold such as the United States Dollar. Its value always fluctuates at a higher rate than any other currency backed by the government. This change in the value of BitCoin makes it an ideal option for investment. When I started investing in BitCoin, the market started hyping up. This is what we call a hype spike. When I invested up to $2,000 along with the leftover ($292.94) in BitCoin, the market value was $2,139 for every single coin. It helped me get about 1.0719 BitCoins. It means $2,292.94 had barely bought more than one BitCoin.
In the case of Ethereum, I was confused and had a lot of things in my mind. Ethereum is a blockchain-based computing platform that is known for its smart contract functionality (scripting). Basically, Ether is a token which can easily be transferred from one account to another. This crypto-currency has no backup system, meaning the government does not provide any support to it (Raheja & Lamba, 2011). However, it is a relatively new currency that has endless features and great value. Being new to the market, Ethereum’s value was low and it was possible for me to buy multiple coins at $2,000. With this amount, I could easily buy 12.179 Ethereum coins, meaning the cost of every coin was $164.21.
Once I had invested enough in crypto-currencies, my next option was traditional stock. I purchased stock in Apple Inc. I decided to go with it because Apple Inc. is o

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