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Generic Communications Plan (Coursework Sample)

Develop a section on generic communications plan that could be used to communicate the strategic plan to a company's stakeholders. This plan should include a process for communicating the plan, including the audience for the communication. This assignment should not be applied to a specific company but should discuss general guidelines for communicating a strategic plan. The main section to write about is the audience for the communication. No need for an intro or conclusion. source..
Generic Communications Plan
Communication, regardless of the issue to be communicated should always be designed with some goal and therefore understanding the purpose of communication is very essential. To increase awareness, the communication plan should be implemented expressly so that it achieves some results. Regardless of the purpose of the communication plan, communication should not just happen if one cannot determine the main reason of communicating ( HYPERLINK "/members/jenmcfadyen.html" McFadyen, 2002).
The issues that will need to be discussed in the Communication plan should be addressed under the situational analysis and the facts should be provided about the issues and the effects on the business. The key messages that will ultimately be conveyed in the communication should follow and they should be very simple and clear.
Stakeholders of the company should be highlighted and these are the audience of the communication plan. The audience here may includ...
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