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A Chain Of Coffee Shops "D&N Café": Reflections On The Business Plan (Coursework Sample)


2. Individual Reflective Report
Please submit an Individual Reflective Report (1500 words), based on your experience working in a
group on your Group Business Plan. The report should cover the different stages of the development
of your plan, including idea initiation, plan development, preparing the presentation, responding to
presentation feedback and group planning processes (see details below). You should aim to include
academic references in your work and ensure that these are properly referenced using the Harvard
Your individual reflective report should include the following elements:
I. Summary of your Group's Business Idea
You should outline, in your own words, the context and features of the business idea that was
developed by your group in the Group Business Plan. Outline what you feel to be the strengths and
weaknesses of the plan (include in this section, and in your bibliography, any academic or other
references to small businesses and the start-up process that you feel are relevant)
II. Process of Idea Initiation
How did you come to the idea of the business plan? How did you choose between possible ideas?
Reflecting on the process of idea initiation, what have you learned? (You can include in this section
information on any points that you have learnt from existing entrepreneurs, including visiting speakers
to the university. Also include in this section, and in your bibliography, any academic or other
references to the start-up process that you feel are relevant.)
III. Team Work
BUSI1151 / 1494 Small Business Development 2017-18
The roles, specializations, and contributions of team members. The team forming process, the
efficiency of teamwork + how the experience of working in teams can aid your future career
development (include in this section, and in your bibliography, any academic or other references to
team working that you feel are relevant in this section).
IV. Presentation Experience
Why is it important to present the business plan instead of just submitting paper documents? Please
provide concrete examples of what you learned, both in terms of presentation effectiveness and issues
concerning your business idea, from presenting the idea during the Dragons' Den sessions (include in
this section, and in your bibliography, any academic or other references to delivering effective
presentations that you feel are relevant).
V. Alternative Scenario
You have predicted the growth of your business in the business plan. Looking back, do you think your
prediction was optimistic, pessimistic or just about right? Have you considered alternative growth
trajectories in your business plan? If not, how would the inclusion of alternative scenarios help to
make a better plan?


D&N Café: Reflections on the Business Plan

Summary of Selected Business Idea

Our group settled on setting up a chain of coffee shops as the primary business idea. The group members decided that such outlets would be set up close to various Chinese universities. To arrive at this decision, the group members put into consideration several factors such as market size, China’s taxation system, capital, labor force and competition among others (Tucker, 2016). After consultation with the other group members, we decided to name our company ‘D&N café’.

D&N café provides a unique experience to its customers. As indicated by the research study conducted by some of the group members, most dormitories in Chinese universities are usually noisy and overcrowded and this may interfere with their private study, especially during the night. Therefore, we decided to capitalize on this and introduce cafeterias that are both quiet and offer high-quality services. Secondly, most of the cafes in China such as Starbuck and Costa, who are the main competitors do not operate on a 24-hour system. As such, establishing cafés that offer overnight services will provide the student with an opportunity to study at night in a conducive environment.

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