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Growth strategies Expand product portfolio Declining sales Control information (Coursework Sample)


This is a group project. My part is to create two graphs, but everyone should attached to the sales of this company: Online growth, YouTube Video advertisement. I hope these two graphs have a short paragraph to explain what it talkes about. My part is:Swimlane Diagram 和 RACI Chart.


Interactive Poster Session Introduction to Business Analysis, 
Team 5, Team 6, Team 7, Team 8Seeking Even Faster Growth, an E-Commerce Company Stumbles
Case study is from the NY Times, posted in Poster Session folder on BlackboardYou and your partners are running your own consulting firm in Boston, and you win the bid to help JIMMY BEANS WOOL solve for a critical business problem.What is your recommendation for the most efficient and effective path forward for Jimmy Beams Wool?Laura Zander is your main client and Executive Sponsor.Your team will need to create a Poster Board that concisely addresses the work of a business analyst, and describe to them your recommendation.Include samples from at least six of the areas below.  More than six samples are encouraged:• Stakeholder Analysis and Map• Elicitation Steps Taken• Key Requirements Collected, Organized and Prioritized• Approach to Verify and Validate Requirements• Elicitation Technique(s) used, illustrating the results• Swimlane Diagram• RACI Chart• Fishbone Diagram• Force Field Analysis• Risk Register• Communication Plan
Main focus area: Online growth, YouTube Video advertisement.


Business analysis: seeking even faster growth, an e-commerce company stumbles
Swimlane Diagram
Growth strategies Expand product portfolio Declining sales Control information
Reduce costs
YouTube ads
Increase product promotion
There is focus on the best growth strategies for Jimmy Beans Wools, and product diversification away from the yarns was chosen. However, the company experienced declining sales and high marketing costs, and there was a need to and revamp online marketing. As such, there was focus on improved YouTube ads marketing. Jimmy Beans Wools needs to control information and increase product promotion to improve sales prospects, in the primary target market and then increase operations gradually. 

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