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BUS599 MOD04 Discussion Week 1 Feedback Loop and Organizational Learning (Coursework Sample)


1. Please provide a definition of "organizational learning."There are many, many, differing definitions of OL - and many opinions on precisely how organizations learn (or if they can even learn at all). Some notable theorists include Chris Argyris, Peter Senge, Bente Elkjaer, James G. March, Herbert A. Simon, Mark Easterbay-Smith, and Fiol & Lyles, among innumerable others.
2. Is there a difference between the notion of "Organizational Learning" (OL) and that of the "Learning Organization" (LO)? Are we anthropomorphizing (great word!) organizations when we say that they "learn"?


Feedback Loop and Organizational Learning
Institutional Affiliation
Feedback Loop and Organizational Learning
Task One
Organizational Learning has a field of study has attracted many reviews. Hence, several definitions seek to describe organizational learning. Chris Argyris and Donald Schon defined organizational learning as the detection and correction of errors. Fiole and Lyles provided a broader definition. The two define organizational learning as the process of improving actions through better knowledge and understanding (Wallace, 2007). In 1993 Dodgson defined organizational learning as the process through which businesses build, supplement and organize knowledge and routines in relation to everyday operational activities and events to impact organizational efficiency by improving workforce skills. The concept of organizational learning is broad. However, individual elements feature in most definitions. Knowledge is central to learning (Wallace, 2007). Deploying knowledge or information to alter corporate performance completes the learning process. I define organization learning as a process by which an entity builds ...
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