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Mini-Project 3-3: Relationship Of Averages And Standard Deviation (Coursework Sample)


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Assignment Steps
Refer to Mini-Project Movie Data Set.
Analyze and write a report summarizing this data. This report should include answers to at least the following questions:
Calculate the summary measures (the mean, standard deviation, five-number summary, and interquartile range) of the total gross income for each movie genre.
Which genre had greater variability in total gross income? Explain why.
Draw a box-and-whisker plot of a movie's length of time (minutes) by genre. Are there any differences in movie lengths when compared across genres? Are there any outliers?
Use the mean movie gross income for each genre to compare the movie opening gross income.
Choose an appropriate statistical measure to compare the consistency of movie gross income.


Assignment Mini-Project 3-3
Assignment Mini-Project 3-3
The mini project presents the relationship of averages and standard deviation that helps in making informed business choices and more informed decision, especially in the movie industry based on gross income of the different movie genres. Below is a calculation of the measure from the total gross incomes for each genre of the movie to understand the variability in their total gross incomes.
For action movie genre the calculation is as follows the standard deviation is at 93305573.3,
With a mean of 93602863.19. This is calculated by Min = 1558836 Q1 = 19075290 Q2 (median) = 58607007 Q3 = 134938200 max = 350126372
The interquartile range or IQR is 115862910.
Adventure movie genre calculation is as follows the means = 94178308.08,
The standard deviation = 82412674.37
The summary calculation is min = 2553002 Q1 = 29306785 Q2 (median) = 64251541 Q3 = 154270679.5 Max= 257760692
The interquartile range = 124963894.5.
For biography movies calculation = mean= 31174421.39,
The standard deviation = 32675664.09,
Data includes min = 2107925 Q1 = 4318453.5 Q2 (median) = 22592565.5 Q3 = 48304486.75 Max = 115637895 making the
Interquartile range = 43986033.25.
For comedy genre the calculations is as follows
The mean =28653207.85,
The standard deviation =33263412.48,
The five-numbers calculated are min = 1359497 Q1 = 3430018 Q2 (median) = 10616104 Q3 = 46294610 max = 150157400
The interquartile range = 42864592.
Crime movies, the calculation is as follows the mean = 26341667.11,
The standard deviation = 16671949.76,
The five-number used for calculation min = 3322127 Q1 = 12241096.5 Q2 (median) = 26307600 Q3 = 40400190 max = 52543632
The interquartile range data equaled 28159093.5.
For Documentary movies the calculation is as follows the mean = 6417582.667,
The standard deviation =6294492.382,
The five-number used for calculation min = 1514782 Q1 = 1539289.5 Q2 (median) = 2799318 Q3 = 12433315.5 max =

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