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Relation of Age to Vintage Shopping (Coursework Sample)


Choosing ONE of the following subject positions (age, class, ethnicity, location), how does vintage shopping relate to (age, class ethnicity, location)? How might different ages/classes/ethnicities/locations consider vintage shopping? Feel free to make this a more personal response, meaning you can talk about how your subject position relates to vintage shopping.
please answer the following question in a brief response (250 words) and email it to me before midnight tonight


Relation of Age to Vintage Shopping
For me, all of the following subjects such as age, location, class and ethnicity are all intertwined and interconnected in how the influence vintage shopping. However, I was to choose only one which I deem most influential, it would be age. Age is the most like factor to dictate the knowledge of the presence of vintage items in the market, also, it is age which dictates the possible appreciation for such items. Old people might like vintage shopping, because the items are probably most familiar to them. However, when it comes to fashion, the younger generations such as the millennials wil

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