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Life Review Essay (Coursework Sample)

1) DID YOU HAVE A MENTOR IN YOUR YOUTH WHO MADE A DIFFRENT IN YOUR LIFE 2) if so , what was happing with you at the time that made you ready to be influenced by mentor? 3) what skills did you admire in your mentor? 4) have you had experience working with children or youth that have challenged you or inspired you 5) what attracted you to this field? what has shaped your goals and ambitions 6) what do you picture yourself doing in this field and how do you can make a difference to children and youth in your care source..

Life Review Essay
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Mentorship entails soliciting and offering guidance on a particular line of work or life. It is important for artists to gain perspective from successful artists to establish a solid art based career. This is because it triggers one’s mind to see the possibilities and opportunities available to develop their career. A mentorship also challenges one to explore new opportunities in the chosen field and provides moral and technical support to maneuver through them.
I had a mentor during my youth who was my role model. I wanted to become well versed in art as well in the business field. At the time when I sought the help of a mentor, I had realized that I was passionate about art and that I was determined to pursue it as a lifelong career. I required a mentor to motivate me to progress, to learn and to challenge me and sharpen my skills through training. I also recognized that art is a profession for a lifetime and I yearned to achieve success. I realized that in order to succeed I needed guidance in perfecting my skills as well as managing the proceeds from my artwork. I also needed someone that had experience and knowledge on seeking contracts for artwork and maximizing on their economic benefits.
I admired the fact that my mentor has skills in assessing quality of different types of art works. She has vast knowledge of leaders in the art industry in various areas. She is skilled in selection of art materials and art works, exhibiting and marketing. Essentially, my mentor is a person that has experience in the industry and has inside out knowledge of the industry. To add to this, she is personable and genuinely cares about my success in the art career. She is friendly and always remains objective in offering honest and truthful feedback on what I need to do even in the most difficult times.
I have had an opportunity to volunteer some hours in several pre-schools where I tutored children in the art subject. I consider this as a mini mentorship opportunities because of the guiding factor involved in imparting artistic skills and knowledge to the children. These opportunities have also inspired me to see art as having more than an aesthetic value. It is an important way of communicating emotions for both children and adults in a safe and unbiased way. It also serves as an important way of strengthening children’s ability for coordination between their eyes and hand movement. It enhances children’s perceptual potential in observing and using different colors, objects of different sizes, textures and shapes. They also gain an opportunity to develop problem solving capacity, appreciate others successes, appreciate multicultural diversity, develop skills in socializing with others through teamwork and to also in learning languages, mathematics, science and economics.
I developed an interest in painting in my childhood and I started visiting workshops that ...
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