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Exhibition: College Education (Coursework Sample)


We grouped, I was in the information management group, managing the promotion group to record their progress, they are now sharing some content on Facebook and Instagram. I have set up a 3d light box for me.


College education not only involves or rather consists of an intense learning program but also contributes to some of the life-long memories to be cherished by the graduates. It is, therefore, important to capture these moments through all the available means especially during this era of social media and wide-spread digitalization. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have, for instance, made it possible for people to store their memories to reflect the exact moment the events occurred. The platforms further go to the extent of providing in-built applications through which individuals can make improvisations on the pictures, photos or videos taken during an event to add the intended or the desired effect on the images or videos. Such platforms and their applications serve to provide individuals with an opportunity to present an exhibition of their memorable moments in the best way possible. However, the availability and use of smart devices do not guarantee the production of an excellent exhibition. An exhibition that would make a lasting impression on its audience demands a lot of attention to important details such as the display and placement of the items in the exhibition. As a member of the information management group in a graduation exhibition project, organizing for a proper exhibition can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, the group embarks on making sure that the project is a success in matters related to the relaying of the intended information and that its overall display is not only attractive but also endearing to the audience. Provided herein, is a description of the promotions’ team exhibition and a comprehensive analysis of two creative websites and two exhibitions, which served to help in the effective completion of the task.
All the participants in the project are assigned into different groups with each carrying out a unique task aimed at making the graduation exhibition a success. Among the groups is the information management team, which is tasked with the relaying of the intended message through the exhibition. In essence, the information management group deals with conveying the theme of the key message of the exhibition to the audience. It is the duty of the team to make sure that the project achieves the challenging task through a perfect display of materials in the platform of execution. The team further liaises with the website developing team to provide relevant information and details as to how the intended message will be delivered through the platform and get positive feedback from the target audience. The information management group is further divided into other sub-groups including the promotions team. The latter functions to research and collect information on how to make the exhibition or rather the display of its content more attractive to the target group. One of the responsibilities of the promotions team was to coordinate the collection and arrangement of the items other individuals wanted to display on the exhibition site. The items for display would include high-quality photos, short videos or other recorded compositions, which the team would collect and arrange for their display on the created website for the exhibition. In the effort to ensure that the team delivered quality work for the project, the team embarked on a mission to help participants or interested persons to develop their items to meet the set quality standards.
Exhibitions from two websites in New Zealand make for interesting revelations on various aspects to consider for ma

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