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Financial Goals From A High School Senior, A Future College Freshman Perspective (Coursework Sample)


The questions should be answered in a high school senior, a future college freshman perspective, and based on the powerpoint. The teacher is easy-minded, as long as the answers are related to the powerpoint and being realistic, it is considered to be good. Formative one I am almost done, only one interview left, please make up one for me.


Intermediate Financial Goals
Financial goals from a high school senior, a future college freshman perspective
Goal 4
My fourth goal is a mid-term goal, and focuses on setting up and following a budget, since I will incur different expenses the budgeting priorities will change over time, but the aim is to prioritize spending based on what I have and need. I will include college expenses, utilities, entertainment, food, clothes and activities. The maximum limit is $ 4,000 annually, but the monthly budgetary allocations will change depending on the time of the year and activities. The budgetary allocations are high in the first year, because of electronics and one time purchases, but I will limit number of times I eat out. In the case of transportation, this will depend on the number of times I use private and public transportation. Budgeting is necessary as this will enhance my ability to save money and place the targeted amount in a sufficient fund.
Goal 5
My fifth goal is long-term as I seek to limit my debt burden and I will review my finances on a monthly basis, and where possible will seek multiple streams of income. The loan debt payments can overburden one if there is no proper plan to start paying them. Student loan affects one

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