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Best Buy Analysis founded in 1966 by James Wheeler and Richard Schulze (Coursework Sample)


The second project a financial spreadsheet analysis that SUMS your insights from reading the current and two prior year’s ANNUAL financial statements for the BEST BUY company in question (1 page statement of core insights linked to a clear one-sentence specific theme
Sources can be changed to 2 sources.
I just need 2 pages
You can just analysis the roa roe this kinds of financial analysis briefly.
According to the Best Buy last two years financial statement. Link
According to this, in terms of net income changes roe roa etc..analyze this briefly


Best Buy Financial Analysis
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Situated in Minnesota, the United States, Best Buy is a famous consumer electronics retailer. It was founded in 1966 by James Wheeler and Richard M. Schulze. Currently, Best Buy operates in Mexico, Canada, and China, and its subsidiaries are Geek Squad, Pacific Sales and Magnolia Audio Video (2019). In January 2019, Best Buy released its financial statements of the previous two years, meaning 2017 and 2018. Due to its large size, Best Buy attracts plenty of investors from all parts of the world. This means people who are looking for reliable investment options in the stock market turn to Best Buy and are promised huge profits or great returns. Doing business worldwide, large caps tend to have amazing capital returns and diverse revenue streams, making them a prior choice of investors who want risk-free investments.
It should be noticed that Best Buy has sustained its debt level by $1.35 billion over the last two years, and this consists of both long-term and short-term debts. At this level of debt, the short-term investment and current cash levels are standing at $3.2 billion for investing in the business (2019). On top of that, Best Buy has produced cash of up to $2.1 billion from operations in the last two years, leading the operating cash to the total debt ratio of 154.41%. It clarifies that the company’s operating cash is enough to cover its

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